Typical benefits

Below find a few examples of the benefits of automotive, photovoltaic and oil & gas companies
cooperating with us on custom software development.

Your current workflow must be shorter

Especially automotive companies require efficient workflows. Often, we develop high accuracy, simplified MATLAB models and deliver them with GUI or TUI to our automotive clients.

You require quicker computations

CFD of car radiators or aerodynamic computations of PV farms takes days on supercomputers. We implement reduced-order models or do precomputations with data science to deliver quick models to you.

You want to sublicense the software

We work as an engineering software house for our customers in Norway and Poland. We develop simulation software that they make available to their partners or customers.

You need to monitor or control

Controlling the valves via Bluetooth or visualizing energy production or combustion emissions in the cloud can be needed. We develop web-based graphical interfaces for our simulation engines.

You can view QuickerSim as a team of engineers, mathematicians and code developers. We develop our products and work as a software house that develops custom engineering software for other industrial companies. Our expertise is in:

  • fluid flow and heat transfer modelling,
  • data analytics for industrial processes,
  • numerical methods,
  • graphical user interface (GUI) development for industrial applications.

Case Studies

We work for companies in automotive, renewable energy and oil & gas.
See how we have helped them.

When and why a custom software?
When and why a custom software?

Usually we create custom software to:

  • simplify computations while maintaining very high accuracy - a custom model is then beneficial,
  • apply other calculation scenarios or algorithms than the widespread approach,
  • make flow calculations accessible to non-experts,
  • give you a tool that is designed for your company's specific needs.

It can involve visualization, flow and heat transfer calculations, data analytics, web-based interfaces.


Do I need to buy any additional software licenses to run a created application?

It depends on the solution the client chooses. Most of the applications are self-standing and do not require additional software. For the applications which are based on our CFD Toolbox, a Matlab license is required.

I don’t know anything about the CFD simulations. Should I finish any courses to be able to use your apps?

No, we aim to limit the number of operations required to run the simulation. Most of the applications are suited to user competencies. Setting up the main parameters of the process allows every user to get the results. We can automate the most challenging operations like mesh generation, choosing the numerical model and its parameters, and postprocessing the results.

How long does it take to get the application?

It depends on how complex the application is. We can deliver the first application version after one or two months of work.

Why shouldn’t we use commercial software instead of creating a custom application?

The main difference between using commercial software and our app is the knowledge user must have to run the simulations. Commercial apps are created for a large spectrum of cases to simulate. It requires significant knowledge from the user to run even basic simulations. The next point is that running more complex simulations takes a lot of time. Creating custom applications allows running CFD simulations by everyone after the short introduction we do after the release of the application. Restricting the range of possible cases to simulate also accelerates the design process. The final cost of the tailored application usually equals the annual license of commercial software.