Make sure your design fulfils all requirements before going into prototyping costs.

Our customers usually start working with us when they need to calculate their products or designs more accurately than earlier. We develop software for them, or we run simulations to:

  • verify the product fulfils all requirements,
  • calculate loads more accurately than the ISO norms and allow for further optimisation,
  • eliminate design flaws before huge prototyping or certification costs.

We always focus on fluid flow, thermal, aerodynamic and structural mechanics phenomena and work as your expert consultants.

Case Studies

We focus our work on battery thermal modelling, CFD simulations
and the development of engineering software according to the individual company's needs.

Your Company Benefits

The most common benefits of our work for our customers can be summarized as follows:

Competition Advantage

In photovoltaics, we have helped calculate wind loads on panels more accurately and less conservative than the norms. It led to increased competitiveness of our customer.

Continuous Progress

R&D or design teams often have many deadlines and lack time. As we start working on your project, our team entirely focuses on this job, and you see new results weekly.

No certification risks

Batteries and other products require certification. Certification processes are costly. A prior simulation helps you get confidence that your design will pass the certification.

No lost time

In the industry, a few months spent on prototype development and testing usually cost more than the prototype itself. A priori simulation helps reduce the number of prototypes.


Colourful 3-D visualizations often allow engineers to better understand the flow processes inside the product. Also, for customers or investors, this can be a marketing asset.

Flow & Simulation Experts

At QuickerSim, we specialize in solving flow and heat transfer problems through numerical computations. You can build your know-how on our experience.


Cooperation Process - How do we work?

Negative Impact
Negative Impact

With technology being more and more complex, going "with your gut" may not always be enough to avoid problems before they occur. That is why simulations have become an integral part of the modern design process. Not performing simulations can have a lot of negative consequences both on your design process and your final product. 

Without simulations, you risk: 

  • Not meeting the project's deadlines if unforeseen problems occur 
  • Bearing extensive costs of fixing issues in the late design stages 
  • High production costs or subpar performance due to not optimal design 
  • Loosing with designs and products of your competitors

What makes QuickerSim unique?

We do not only run simulations, but we implement software. Our team really understands the numerical methods, algorithms and physics.

Since founding in 2015, we have been focused on delivering simulation models that give high accuracy at low computational effort.

We always want to understand your engineering and business objective. We commit to support you in R&D, not just to deliver an engineering service.

During the project work, we meet with you on a weekly basis. During the meetings we report the results, conclusions and give our recommendations.