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QuickerSim composes of two sister companies: QuickerSim Ltd. and QuickerSim Automotive Ltd.

At QuickerSim, we focus on three main things:

  • We do engineering consulting and deliver CFD simulations as a service.
  • We work on R&D projects that involve heat transfer or fluid flow modelling.
  • We develop custom engineering software for our customers according to their needs.

At QuickerSim Automotive, we focus on e-mobility and battery modelling and simulations:

  • We develop Q-Bat - the QuickerSim Battery Explorer, which links with MATLAB and Simulink. It is the fastest 3-D thermal modelling tool for batteries on the market.
  • We help automotive OEMs or battery pack manufacturers design and optimize battery cooling through computer simulations.

QuickerSim was founded in 2015 with headquarters in Warsaw, Poland. Its staff originates mainly from Warsaw University of Technology. The company has customers mainly in Norway, Germany, UK, US, Sweden, Switzerland and Poland.

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QuickerSim Ltd.

Noakowskiego 4/8,
00-666 Warsaw, Poland
NIP: 5272740819

+48 514 021 542

Sales department: FEM and CFD analyzes, dedicated applications, CFD Toolbox

+48 789 477 246

E-mobility, Q-Bat:
+48 690 657 737

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We focus our work on battery thermal modelling, CFD simulations
and the development of engineering software according to the individual company's needs.