Should I hire simulation engineers or outsource CFD?

That is a question that many companies face. You might be having a hard time deciding which is the better approach for your case. As always in life – it depends. It depends on the employment

What affects the cost of CFD simulations and analysis?

One of the most intriguing questions from our clients is how much it costs to run a CFD simulation. The answer to this question, as in many other cases, is "it depends."

Q-Bat 1.1.1 – new release updates

Here it is! The long-awaited Release 1.1.1. It comes with many significant changes that will greatly improve the experience of using Q-Bat. See them below! Q-Bat is a software that is tailored

Application of CFD technology in Research and Development

In this article, I show you a wide variety of CFD applications in Research and Development and will take a closer look at the use of CFD in bioengineering. In the end, I will demonstrate

Changes to Q-Bat in the latest version 0.4.0

We have introduced significant updates and added many features in last release, see them below! Q-Bat is a software that is tailored for virtual, thermal prototyping of batteries. It works

Does the simplification of the battery pack’s geometry affect solution accuracy and simulation time?

In our last article (What characterizes different equivalent circuit cell models) we have explained the impact of different equivalent circuit models. In this article, we will take into

What characterizes different equivalent circuit cell models

In this article, you will learn about the impact of different circuit components on battery cell models. How a battery cell behaves can be very closely approximated by the way an electrical

Is CFD always the only answer?

Nowadays CFD is widely used in many industry branches, especially in R&D departments. Growing capabilities of computers, both in terms of CPU and GPU, and maturity of CFD software can significantly reduce the time of the project/product iteration. CFD can also reduce the costs of the development of new products by eliminating the need for costly prototypes, which have to be manufactured in every iteration. But is CFD always necessary?