Changes to Q-Bat in the latest version 0.4.0


We have introduced significant updates and added many features in last release, see them below!

Q-Bat is a software that is tailored for virtual, thermal prototyping of batteries. It works quicker than CFD, yet gives very detailed 3-D temperature distribution.


Q-Bat Lite

We have a new trial version of our software. It gives you every functionality of the full version of Q-Bat, but with restrictions to the number of components. It is just enough to get you started with Q-Bat.

Register here to download.

Shell elements

We have added experimental support for linear shell elements and contacts. It is now possible to create and mesh geometries with shell elements.

It is extremely useful in modeling connectors, casing, etc.

Thermocouples in Simulink

Now it is possible to set a specific point in the model of your battery pack at which you would like to check the temperature during system-level simulations in Simulink. It imitates putting a thermocouple in your battery pack during laboratory testing.

If you need to try out complex geometries in our software, reach out to us, and we will talk about a full version trial.


Other improvements

Besides the features mentioned above, we have implemented several other features like:

  • Minor fixes and performance improvement in the Q-Bat Simulink model
  • A new version of the CGNS IO
  • Added support for constant temperature boundary condition in Air FVM component
  • Added support for CGNS meshes in the createPrototype function family
  • Improved automatic discretization of 1D FV cooling channel – now there is no upper limit for the number of finite volumes
  • Minor fixes in computation engine
  • Fixed bug regarding the order of BC/Contacts application in the CP pipes
  • Added global tolerance parameters for contacts detection and generation