Warsaw University of Technology prolongs campus-wide license and teaches e-mobility

Warsaw University of Technology, the best technical university in Poland, adopts Q-Bat for teaching e-mobility and battery cooling simulations. Students learn how to simulate EV battery behaviour in MATLAB and Simulink 

This means that all students and professors at the university can use Q-Bat in their research projects, theses, and other academic work.

Q-Bat is a powerful tool for fast and accurate thermal simulations of battery packs, making it an excellent resource for students interested in the field of electric vehicles. Whether it's for class projects or science clubs, Q-Bat can help students bring their ideas to life and advance their understanding of battery pack thermal management. QuickerSim is proud to support the academic community at Warsaw University of Technology and looks forward to seeing the innovative ways in which Q-Bat will be used. 

If you would like your university to offer a similar license for Q-Bat, don't hesitate to CONTACT US. Our team will be happy to discuss the possibilities of such cooperation.